The thrills still live……

I was interested in the recent news stories about Diana Nyad, the woman who attempted to swim from Cuba to Florida.  She was forced to give up the challenge about half way because of severe sunburn and multiple jelly fish stings.  Diana is 62 years old.  What an amazing woman to set such a goal for herself at an age when most women that age would never even think of attempting such a challenging effort.  Equally interesting was Nik Wallenda (of the famous circus Wallendas) who walked  high above Niagara Falls on a tight wire. Through the years there have been many others who have performed physical feats requiring balance, endurance, and strength.  Do they attempt these unbelievable feats to conquer their fears?  Is it to further inflate a big ego? Is it to gain recognition thereby nourishing a poor ego? Whatever the reason for attempting such amazing exhibitions there must be a great thrill and sense of accomplishment even if, in Diana’s case the end goal was not achieved.

Not even in my wildest dreams have I ever pictured myself doing such marvelous things as Diana, Nik and others have done yet I have experienced thrills that,for me, equal theirs. My thrills come not from what i have done but from an invisible hand that works mysteriously to bring joy to me.

Yesterday as I inspected my garden I discovered a plant loaded with tiny blue flowers that I did not plant nor do I have any like that anywhere in my yard. What a thrill!  How did this happen? Where did this perfect little flower come from?

When i arise before dawn and await the rising of the sun, what a thrill i feel as a glow begins in the east (and casts a pink glow on the mountains to the west) and I welcome another day. Knowing the surety of the sun’s rising and setting is thrilling.  There is order in our universe as the sun, moon, stars and yes, the earth and other planets perform their designed roles. The cry of a new born baby, the trusting look on a small child’s face, the very existence of love between humans is thrilling.  Imagine a world (or your life) without love; picture an elderly man visiting his wife every day in the nursing home even though she doesn’t know who he is–all these things cause a thrill to arise in my innermost being.

How awesome to see leaves turn yellow and red in the fall, revealing the colors hidden within their green, and then falling brown to the earth. Spring arrives and the naked trees begin to clothe themselves again with lovely green and the cycle repeats.  What a thrill to see life renew itself.

A butterfly resting on a flower and finding nourishment there, birds flying in flocks and obeying some unseen, unheard signal to turn or land and then fly again are thrilling to watch.

My life is not marked by a few memorable accomplishments but by daily experiences that thrill my soul with their mysterious and beautiful occurrences. There is great joy to be found in simple things and thrills beyond measure lie in wait for all who choose to observe and expect them as we travel through this amazing life journey.

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